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[2019-12-16]   Notice of new year's day and Spring Festival holiday in 2020
[2019-05-28]   Brief analysis of headphone socket structure and wiring matters needing attention
[2018-10-30]   Waterproof headphone sockets in mobile phone headphones and other communications industry in the future development trend
[2018-08-17]   解决港版苹果手机没有呼叫转移自定义的问题
[2018-04-18]   关于2019年十·一国庆节节放假安排的通知
[2015-12-21]   2019 New Year's day and Spring Festival holiday notice
[2013-04-12]   A brief discussion on the safety range of the current in the headset socket
[2013-04-12]   Unique technical indicators for DC power sockets
[2013-04-12]   Analysis of the working principle of light touch switch and key switch design
[2013-04-12]   The plastic material PA66 of the headset socket and DC socket

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